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Virgo Foundation Partners With Blockchain-based Platform To Drive Healthcare Charities In Africa

Apart from promoting the vast history and heritage of Africans, making it easier for African arts and culture to permeate the global market,Virgo foundation is always looking to contribute positively in its
Date: Aug 21, 2018 · Read more »

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The Ocean Cleanup

The area of water surrounding Lagos Island is heavilly polluted with plastic. We are talking about pure water plastic bags, ghana must go bags, etc. etc. Our ocean is clogged up to
Date: Jul 3, 2018 · Read more »

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"Underrepresented" by Harmonia Rosales

This artist is redrawing classic art and replacing white men with black women. Harmonia Rosales; an American Afro-Cuban artist, says the most represented figures in art are white men, and she wants
Date: Jun 12, 2018 · Read more »

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Virgo Foundation

The Virgo Foundation is a charitable organisation founded by actor Wale Ojo whose aim is to promote African culture, traditions and heritage. The organisation is thoroughly committed to defeating the collective amnesia
Date: Feb 7, 2018 · Read more »



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