The Ocean Cleanup
Date: Jul 3, 2018

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The Ocean Cleanup

The area of water surrounding Lagos Island is heavilly polluted with plastic. We are talking about pure water plastic bags, ghana must go bags, etc. etc.

Our ocean is clogged up to the hilt with these dangerous plastics. In time these plastics become micro plastics which get eaten by the fish. The substance becomes cancerous for the fish and when the fish is digested by human beings becomes a total health hazard.

We have no choice but to clean up our oceans. It is a direct and hugely important responsibility. Virgo Foundation is committed to the ocean clean up in these areas surrounding Lagos Island. We call on you for not only financial help, but support in terms of educating our people about the importance of keeping the ocean clean and tidy. Next topic: "Underrepresented" by Harmonia Rosales »



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