Virgo Foundation
Date: Feb 7, 2018

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Virgo Foundation

The Virgo Foundation is a charitable organisation founded by actor Wale Ojo whose aim is to promote African culture, traditions and heritage. The organisation is thoroughly committed to defeating the collective amnesia which surrounds ancient African history.

The lion is the undisputed master of the animal kingdom and until he (or his people ) recite his tale by moonlight to generations yet to come his glorious and magnificent stories would only be told by hunters from foreign lands who seek to destroy him and hence his legacy.

There is no better time than today in which young and old people alike can rediscover their African heroes. Who remembers the great Queen Nzinga of Angola who defeated mighty armies in the 17th century or the magnificence of the incomparable Benin sculptures that so amazed Portuguese explorers in the 15th century that they refused to believe the sculptures were made by black Africans. Who remembers the one and only Ajayi Crowther who translated the entire bible into the Yoruba language or Queen Amina of Zaria who was the African equivalent of a Joan of Arc.

The list goes on and on. Our heroes must be remembered and their legacy held high for future generations to remember forever. Virgo foundation is committed to that mission ad infinitum.

Virgo Foundation is also committed to the protection of our environment and the beautiful planet we live on. We have projects in which we are dedicated to the cleaning up of our oceans. The ocean clean up is a very important project especially in the Atlantic Ocean surrounding the archipelago of Lagos where the dumping of plastic into our oceans is a very serious issue. The huge reservoir of plastic on our ocean bed is gradually over a period of time turning into micro plastics which is eaten by the fish and is a cause of cancer.That fish is being eaten by human beings and serves communities all across the bay of Lagos. Virgo Foundation is putting things in place whereby our eco system is protected and preserved and the ocean can breathe freely and people are protected.

Virgo Foundation is also investing in the recycle of waste and the use of solar power in our communities. We are investing in open air cinema to educate and entertain communities that may not normally have access to cinema. We are constantly looking into new projects and innovative ways in which to protect our communities, enlighten our people and preserve our environment. Next topic: Extremely Rare!



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