Virgo Foundation Partners With Blockchain-based Platform To Drive Healthcare Charities In Africa
Date: Aug 21, 2018

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Virgo Foundation Partners With Blockchain-based Platform To Drive Healthcare Charities In Africa

Apart from promoting the vast history and heritage of Africans, making it easier for African arts and culture to permeate the global market,Virgo foundation is always looking to contribute positively in its own way to the environmental situation and welfare of the continent. The foundation seeks to continue promoting the vast history and heritage of Africans to the public.

The Virgo Foundation has officially partnered with Welleth to bring its type of charity to the African masses, causing a stir in Africa’s infrastructural and cultural scene. It aims to leverage on this partnership to give African people with medico-financial needs a channel of indiscriminate access to a global platform with donated funds matching specific healthcare needs.

Blockchain technology has provided solutions that have made incorruptible public ledgers possible and quickly going mainstream. Thousands of platforms are springing up to offer exciting use cases of the Blockchain technology in sectors such as entertainment, gaming, community, healthcare, finance. security, etc.

Welleth, a blockchain-based healthcare charity platform that provides a secure and transparent avenue through which funds are delivered from the donor to the beneficiary without a 3rd party, provides an innovative solution for charities and the donation market using blockchain technology. The Welleth solution crushes issues of distrust and accessibility on both the giving and receiving ends.

The partnership will not only bring potential African beneficiaries closer to charities through an accessible channel, it will also further open some of Africa’s arts and rich culture to wider appreciation across the world. Since the initial announcement, important personalities in the African art scene have applauded Virgo Foundation for the tremendous role it is playing by projecting the beauty of African culture to the world and its contribution to African welfare and infrastructure. The foundation intends to continue developing on this objectives until it has created a digital and cultural ecosystem where the mass population is actively involved in donation culture and the global digital asset exchange.

This partnership will further open up Africans to the opportunities that exist in the cryptocurrency industry and in the use of the technology that powers them. The Welleth token sale launches on the 1st of september and will feature a large African market as a result of this partnership.

With the great potential of this partnership, the world looks on to see how far Virgo Foundation will go in telling African story in the African way to world Next topic: Ocean Cleanup »



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